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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bay. i thought it was the call with a wrong number. nobody ever calls me. >> love that. plus, a life-changing wakeup call for a local scientist. we speak directly to the professor who just won stanford's second nobel prize of the week taking control. a passenger lands a small plane after the pilot collapses in the cockpit overnight. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. we actually have some fall showers on the radar this morning. they won't last all day. the big news, we have a warmup headed our way. i'll detail that for you in just a few moments. >> we're looking at the slowdowns of the traffic really starting to kick in. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll give you an update on the caldecott tunnel where we had a stall earlier coming up. take you live outside to the south bay. a live look over san jose before the sun comes up. a cool start. it is going to be a nice one today as christina tells us on
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this wednesday, october 9th. zç good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we have an update to breaking news overnight. an interstate 80 off ramp shut down following a deadly crash there. the chp was about to pull over a driver before that car rolled over and off the freeway and down an embankment. that crash happening just before 2:30 this morning by the central avenue off ramp to interstate 80 and that is where "today in the bay's" bob redell is live on scene. bob, right now, do officers still think it will be another half hour or so before they can finally clear that up. >> reporter: we were just talking about that. it looks like it could be longer, past 6:30 based on what we are seeing out here. the fact that a wrecker is not out here to remove that key --
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kia mini van. it was one exit back on westbound 80. they were about to pull him over because his right front tire was flat. they were going to try to render assistance. it is not clear. they may not be able to tell us this yet, if the lights and sirens were on. it might not have actually been a pursuit. about a mile and a half mile later, this driver lost control of his mini-van. he hit the center divider on westbound 80 and rolled off the freeway down this embankment here landing on the off ramp to central avenue. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a toxicology test still needs to be completed. chp, as i mentioned, they suspect that he had been drinking, have not released his identification nor have they told us ruffle how old he was, just that he was the only person in the mini-van. so initially, our e.t.a. for the reopening of westbound 80 off
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ramp on so central avenue was going to be about 6:30. it is looking like that could be pushed back. as far as westbound 80, which is above there where you can see the man in the yellow vest, those lanes are all open. you cannot see this scene from the freeway. as far as your commute is concerned, barring anything unsuspected, this should not have a tremendous impact. bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. it is 6:03. san francisco general hocht spi is expected to give an update about a body found in one of its stairwells. they are hearing it could belong to a hospital last seen at the hospital weeks ago. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the hospital where there are more questions than answers. >> reporter: the hospital is planning an update later this morning.
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we're waiting on the word. there are a lot of questions about bha weon what went wrong and the identity of the woman's body found in the stairwell yesterday while family and friends have been searching all over san francisco for her since september 21st are wondering if maybe she had been here all along. the 57-year-old was admitted to s.f. general on september 19th for treatment of an infection. the last time a nurse saw her was two days later with her cell phone still in her room. then, yesterday, a hospital worker made a horrible discovery of a woman's body in a little-used exterior stairwell on the fourth floor. it is believed she may have been disoriented when she was last seen. we still don't know who this is. the news is pretty unbelievable for her daughters. >> it is very difficult when you get a call from someone saying we think we found your mother's body and to spend the day
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literally by the phone hoping for information one way or the other. she is on an emotional roller coaster like we all are. >> on a facebook page set up by family and friends dedicated to finding lynn spaulding, they say they have not received any official confirmation on the identity of the body yet. they are waiting an official report from the medical examiner's office. this raises questions about how thoroughly the hospital searched for her in the first place. there are so many questions about how long it was here and who it is. still waiting to hear word on that from the san francisco police and the sheriff's department. as soon as we hear any new information, we will bring that to you. time is running out. we are now less than 48 hours away from another possible b.a.r.t. strike in just a few hours. talks between b.a.r.t. and its unions resuming again today. the 60-day cooling off period
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officially ends midnight on friday. if no deal is reached. b.a.r.t. workers could again walk off the job as early as friday morning's commute. a stanford university professor has just won the nobel prize in chemistry. professor michael levitt is one of three of the recipients of this year's awards. he is credited with laying the foundation to predict chemical processes. he was not in sweden when the announcement was made. he was sleeping at his stanford qíeuáu when he tells us the phone would not stop ringing. spoke with marla tallez about what it was like to get the call from the academy. >> it was sort of nice, because they tell you who else won the prize. so you don't feel bad that someone you think should have got it didn't get it or got it or whatever. then, after telling you various things, they have you speak to people that actually know you from sweden. that's actually nice. you suddenly get this human
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touch. >> pretty amazing. we are going to hear more from the professor later in this half hour. he went on it say he never actually studied chemistry. he is a physicist but he said, that's okay. this is the second nobel prize this week alone. thomas studhauf just won on monday. berkeley did too. >> absolutely. all of them very smart and well deserving. congratulations to all. it is 6:07. christina loren here to take a look at our wednesday forecast and beyond. how are we looking out there? >> it depends on where you are waking up. temperatures are uniform. plenty of low 50s. 45, napa, 53, gilroy, 51, livermore. overall, getting the showers in the south bay. it is really not much to talk about. let that radar picture show you what i mean. that will be the case as we head
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throughout the first part of the morning. your futurecast tells the story. by about noon today, the bay area, nice and clear if you are headed down the 5. count on some showers on your way in. a lot of sunshine for the sec half of the day. the area of low pressure that came through gave us a nice, clean shot of clear air. bayside, 69 degrees. 65 degrees at the coast. cool enough there for a light sweater o are jacket. we do have a warmup headed our way. i'll show you when that kicks in. first, i want to get you out that front door on time. here is mike inouye. 6:02. just about six minutes ago when they turned those lights on. for pretty much all the lanes there. we are looking at the map. a smoother drive approaching the maze. that will start to slow on the berkeley curve as well
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approaching off of the eastshore freeway we seeipf some slowing. bob redell just gave you the report of the deadly crash at central avenue. you can't see the activity from the freeway but you can see the closure. that little bit of distraction is enough for a little morebn slowing coming down through san pablo. golden gate fields racetrack, you are okay. you are fine coming off of the richmond san rafael brinl. a smoother but slower drive approaching that interchange. 680t- and 580, standard. i'll continue to check and scan with the cameras to make sure nothing else is going on. westbound across the san mateo
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bridge, your commute just fine. back to you. at 6:09. new this morning, a passenger is being called a hero for safely landing a plane during a mid-flight emergency. >> a scary scene, something like right out of a movie. this happened overnight in the united kingdom when the pilot of a small prop plane got sick and collapsed right there on the flight. the passenger, the only other person on board, immediately jumped into action making an emergency call to the control tower. two flight instructors were called in to try and guide that passenger who had never flown a plane before. the fourth attempt to land was a success. >> a fantastic feeling knowing i have achieved something and probably saved somebody's life. >> that was the happy part of the story. that pilot, police say, did die at the hospital late last night.
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investigators are still looking into the exhaust cause of death. 6:10 right now. crack cocaine and a wad of cash in the classroom. new details on the unbelievable investigation unfolding right now at an east coast preschool it look as if janet yellen will be nominated as the next head of the fed you can call it hurdle power or teenage mu tant ninja hurtle. we will tell you about the 19-year-old kill who scored four goals for the sharks coming up.
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. >> today's top story, a stanford professor among three scientists awarded the nobel prize in chemistry. michael levitt helped prepare the foundation used to understand and predict chemical processes. >> the medical examiner says it will take some time to identify the remains of a body found in
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the stairwell in san francisco general hospital. the family of 57-year-old lynn spaulding. both sides expected to get back on the bargaining table. >> berkeley's janet yellen will be nominated as the next head of the federal reserve. scott mcgrew making history. >> it will happen at noon today. she will be the first woman nominated if the senate approves of it. she will be the first woman to head the fed. yellen, incredibly well qualified. she is currently vice chair of the fed, second in command to ben bernanke. coincidentally, we will get the latest minutes from the most recent fed meeting today. we will be looking closely for any comments made by yellen. she is expected to continue the
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fed's easy money policies. as the head of the fed, she is so powerful or will be so powerful, you could honestly say she will be the most powerful woman in the world or possibly the second most powerful. angela merkel is the chancellor of germany, the biggest economy in europe. she runs that. she technically has an army and yellen doesn't. she got her ph.d. in economics she was chair woman of the president clinton's board of economic advisers, taught at harvard and cal, married with one son. her husband is a nobel-prize-winning economists as well. there will be a focus on the peninsula with meg whitman. today is the day they host analysts and journalists to discuss business coming forward. expect news about h.p. it has been a hard slog.
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the layoffs continue. the company dropped from the dow 30 industrials. over 100 years, first time with a female. love it.@cq let's talk a little baseball. the a's back home this morning. they are getting back into the swing of things. the a's and tigers actually taking off today before battling in a win or go home game five tomorrow at the coliseum. >> that is right. time for the a's to get it done. they had a chance to wrap up the series yesterday. they jumped out to an early lead. a turning point comes in the seventh. victor martinez hit one deep and almost had that. josh reddick thought he had a play. he clearly touches the ball. this one should have been interference. they go ahead and rule it a home run. that was all she wrote. detroit takes this one beating the a's, 8-6. it comes down to one final game.
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do or be done, win or go home, game five tomorrow night at 5:00. >> the sharks now have a young new player and actually roe right now. actually, not a hero but you can say he has some hertl power. the ninja turtle, whatever that is. check out the 19-year-old phenom scored four goals, including this one that brought down the house. we slow it down for you. the kid, what is his name tomas, not thomas did you tomas hertl putting the puck through the legs. they call it putting it through the wickets. the youngest player to do this was back in 1988. oh, by the way, the sharks went big over the rangers, 9-2. >> look at the crowd. i like the name, teenage mu tant
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ninja hertl. no ice out there but a little bit of precipitation. 6:18, let's take you outside. let's show you what we are working with. we do have wind out there this morning. i wanted to show you this live picture. we chose the bay bridge because you can actually see it all the way from top to bottom. kind of ripplely. very moisture-starved system. light showers. winds are playing a factor. keep that in mind. a high-profile vehicle, tractors, trailers, suvs. this has been the story all morning long. some light, spotty activity. not much. not enough to get the high split. i will be with you through 11:3p
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with updates every 15 minutes. thursday, bright p.m. sun returns. temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s. not a lot of micro climate separation. friday, temperatures will start to warm up. we will see a nice building afternoon breeze. plenty of 70s across the bay area. 71, gilroy. 70 degrees in san jose. beautiful days ahead thursday and friday. we are going to hit the 80s this weekend. monday, tuesday, a little bit warmer. not tracking any significant rainfall after today in the near future. let's check on the drive with mike. we can see significant increase in the volume of traffic. the south bay, traffic, our speeds are straarting to dip
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specifically 101 northbound. i showed you the camera and all the slowing. we did move it around. right behind the trees, you seat flashing lights there, north 101 approaching the mckee off ramp. we have a crash reported in your second lane in the middle of the freeway. everybody is bolting up from 680 and tully now up past this scene. more folks will take 280 north from 87 through downtown. we will follow this. meanwhile, another live look shows us how traffic flows down here into the south bay for south 880. northbound traffic very light. building from dakota road, the dumbarton bridge, down towards mission boulevard. speeds in the upper 50s at their very worst. 680 moves smoothly through
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pleasanton. no problems getting toward the dublin interchange. a nice, smooth flow of traffic. 880 coming down into fremont. we now show some slowing approaching the toll plaza. we do have the volume of traffic building toward the peninsula. no problems for 101 or 280 on that side of the bay. the caldecott, earlier stall has cleared without any problems. we do have some slowing down past the avenue. this is where bob redell continues to follow the deadly crash. the activity is not able to be seen from the freeways. back to you. it is 6:21, coming up on "today in the bay." drugs an cash in a preschooler's pocket. we have new details about the stash coming up next
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an off-duty officer caught up in motorcycle mayhem. we are going to tell you why he is facing charges in an extreme case of road rage next.
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6:24. campus life back to normal at princeton after reports of gunshots on campus. they were closed last night
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after a faculty member found shots fired. they found no evidence of gunfire and issued an all-clear overnight. more follow-up from the wild and extreme case of road rage in new york city. today, a new york city undercover detective will be in court accused of hitting and kicking an suv before bikers eventually dragged that driver out an beat him right out on the street. the officer was off duty when he joined a motorcycle rally that spiraled into the ugly violence. video evidence shows the officer punching a back window and kicking the side of the suv, completely out of control here. police say an suv and a motorcycle bumped into each other which then set off the chain reaction and the chase. the suv ended up running over the motorcyclists before the driver was pulled out of the car and beaten on the street. four other bikers have been charged in this case. the suv driver has not been charged with any crimes yet. today, a former new england patriots player expected in
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court for the first time since being arraigned on murder charges. aaron hernandez is charged in the death of 27-year-old odin lloyd. he pleaded not guilty to murder and five weapons-related charges. four others, includes his girlfriend, are also facing charges in the case. police in philadelphia trying to figure out how a preschooler ended up with crack cocaine and a large amount of cash in his pocket. the 4-year-old boy reportedly brought eight small bags of the drug an nearly $200 in cash to his school yesterday. he was then showing it off to classmates. another student ended up telling a teacher and police were called into the school. police say the boy is most likely a, quote, victim of a situation. the boy's mother and a family friend are now being questioned. i bet. it is 6:26.
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still ahead, two nobel prize winners in one week for stanford. we are going to tell you about the latest local professor to win the coveted award for his ground-breaking work. we'll tell you about a crowded commute as kids all over the bay area are walking an rolling to school. we'll tell you about the big-time push to get kids moving and how it will impact your morning commute. and, taking a live look outside, oakland coliseum, there it is, all lit up. will the a's do it? we'll find out. 6:27 already. the day is flying by. a lot more news ahead. stick around.
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a big congratulations to
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team stanford. great news. stanford scoring its second nobel prize of the week as we speak to the scientist whose work was honored overnight. that's coming up next in a live report. welcome to your wednesday, october 9th. this is "today in the bay." welcome, everybody. 6:30 on the nose. glad you could join us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. stanford university has a big reason to be proud. one of its professors wins the 2013 prize for chemistry. >> she talked to the happy but tired nobel laureate. >> about 2:00 this morning. what a way to start the day for professor michael levitt. he has been at stanford for more than 25 years. he actually lives here right on campus up the stairs in this
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modest apartment with his wife. i can tell you right now he is in the midst of a complete media onslaught. everyone wanting to know what it feels like to be awarded a nobel prize. when the phone rank, he thought for sure it was a wrong number. sure enough, it was the royal swedish academy calling. he has won the nobel prize of chemistry. he says he considers himself a physicist. he is a professor in the department of structural biology. what did he do to earn such prestige? >> it is not ease why i to put it into layman's terms. basically, he helped lay the foundations that enable scientists to create computer models to predict chemical processes. this greatly speeds up research into new drugs. he and his wife, rina, of 44 years, tell me, they are both beside themselves.
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this reward is in a league of its own. >> it was like five express soets. my pulse shot up and it is still up. people say, well, did i have ah-hah moment. that is like, gee, i couldn't do that and i now could. it is not like i now know this is going to solve all the world's problems. it is more like each step leads to the next step and you keep on working. you are passionate about what you do and you never stop. you work as many hours as you can. >> instead, from the queen of england, which is a special thing do. this is like from the whole world. >> his wife, rena, used to be a understands her husband's work but enjoys talking to him about it. he shares the nobel prize with two others, a professor from usc and another from harvard.
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they win $1.2 million. they will split that prize money. i asked him what's next for him after winning this prestigious prize? he says he would like to spend some time with his family and in his own words, he says, quote, i have a wonderful life and now he has that wonderful prize. >> two at stanford, one at uc berkeley, the fed chair nominee. >> a lot of big brains going on out here we can be proud of. 6:33, christina loren is here to tell us about what's happening outside. >> we are actually sipping coffee with a lot of you scientists out there. thanks for waking up with us. a good-looking day. 52, san jose, 53, gilroy. 54 degrees to kick off your wednesday in oak town. oakland is so happy. the a's are still in it to win
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it. they are back at home. next game is tomorrow. the do or die game. let's go, oakland a's. this is what we are looking at right now, showers in the south bay, not the north bay as per usual. we are tracking these cells down south. not seeing a whole lot of action. your futurecast tells that story. we stopped the clock at 1:00 p.m. you can see most of the activity confined to southern california. we'll see a great deal of clearing and a lot of sunshine for the sec half ond half of th. 74 degrees. coolest day of the week. 69, bayside. 65 at the coast. we've got a warmup headed our way. we want to detail8  that for y. we need those showers, still fire season here in the bay area. >> we don't need any slowdowns on the road. >> unfortunately, that's why we do have two issues. >> look at this jammed-up
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traffic. this is the south bay where northbound 85 and 87 pretty typical. starting to jam up. all the way toward alum rock. still blocking one lane as you are traveling northbound in that commute direction in the worst possible spot for the south bay. that's causing more folks to see that. traveling up towards 87 and downtown. from the south bay where that's the big incident, moving over toward the east bay where we are looking at another issue. we are going to zoom in toward the central. an early morning deadly crash that happened just off the freeway. bob will give you the details. good morning to you, mike. westbound 80 off ramp was supposed to be open by now by the initial estimates from chp as they investigate this suspected drunk driver solo fatal. you can see the vehicle right there. they just updated us. they said it could be another hour give or take, because of
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the severity of this crash. because it is possible they are not certain yet that will chp might have been in pursuit of this driver. they are taking extra time. they consider it a major accident investigation. the driver of that kia mini-van heading westbound on 80, lost control and died on the skeep around 2:30 this morning. as far as your commute, you can't see this from the freeway. that might not be an issue as far as stalling traffic. they don't have any lanes shut down. from what i can see, speeds are just a little bit below the limit right now. your westbound 80 commute into the maze isn't as bad as it could be. reporting live,u bob redell. mike? thanks very much. exactly what you are seeing, bob, is the same thing we are seeing on our orange kren source. you can't see the investigation but you can see the closure. that's visible from the freeway.
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we have slightly more slowing than is typical. the central avenue off ramp is clothes the. use carlson as your alternate. the rest of the approach toward the maze moves very smoothly. no problems but the build exists as you head toward the san mateo bridge. for 92 and 84, you are moving smoothly. one quick look at palo alto, there is 110. a lot of company for 101. 280, a little less populated. 6:37. still ahead, sifting through the rubble for survivors. we've got new details about the overnight collapse that sent a three-story building to the ground in india. >> we also will tell you about a deadly fire sweeping through a garment factory in bangladesh. we'll tell you about the ongoing rescue effort to track down anybody who may still be trapped inside.
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>> happening now in india, rescuers are digging through the building for survivors. the three-story building collapsed and a number of people may still be trapped inside. no word on how many may have died in the collapse. ten people dead after a fire sweeps through a garment factory in bangladesh. more people could still be trapped inside. we have new video to show you. this is all the flames, massive
6:41 am
flames, sweeping through a two-story unit of that factory about 35 miles north of daka. 170w4 workers inside that tfact when it started. it took firefighters ten hours to battle this and get the fire under control. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. this is the deadliest factory incident in that country since six months ago when 1100 people were killed after a factory building collapsed. it is 6:41. coming up, a deadly end to an overnight police chase. new details about the crash that shut down a bay area off ramp for most of the morning. we are live at the scene. a paustient missing for wee turns up dead inside a san francisco hospital. we have new details on the agonizing wait for any kind of information
6:42 am
janet yellen less than six hours from making america history. we'll talk about it in business and tech a little heads up before your morning commute, international rock 'n roll to school. students will be ditching rides and walking to school. schools across san francisco and alameda county, all participating. extra police will be out in force to make sure the streets are safe.
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at 6:44, an update to breaking news in the east bay where an interstate 80 off ramp is still closed following a deadly crash. chp says it was about to pull over a driver before the car rolled off the freeway down an embankment. the crash happened just before 2:30. "today in the bay's" bob redell is by the scene of the crash with an update on the
6:45 am
investigation. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura. the reason they were about to pull over the driver of this kia mini-van, is because he had a flat tire, driving on the rim. the front right tire was bald for all intents and purposes. they were never able to pull him over. about a mile, mile and a half later, he hit the center divider on westbound 80, bounced off of that and rolled off the freeway down the embankment on to the central avenue off ramp off of westbound 80 killing him here at the scene. chp tells us after the fact that they suspect he had been drinking. toxicology tests have not been done to confirm that. they won't tell us what made them believe he was a suspected drunk driver. the reason for trying to pull him over was because the tire was flat. chp also isn't clear on whether or not there was an actual pursuit before this accident.
6:46 am
>> they heard the vehicle. they were going to try to make a stop. it happened just a few seconds after they were trying to find the vehicle. they put out information over the radio. it was, oh, hit the center divide and went off the shoulder. chp initially told us they thought they would have the0vhz ramp open at 6:30. that time has passed. they are now saying it could be closer to around 7:30. this is considered a major accident, because a chp officer was about to try to pull this person over. again, not clear if it was a pursuit. an officer because of suspected drunk driver that rolled over and ended up killing themselves here on the off ramp. it might not be until 7:30 that the westbound off ramp is reopened. as far as the impact it is having on the morning commute, traffic is at the limit if not slightly below it. reporting live here in el cerrito, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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it is 6:46. much brighter news. christina loren sprinkling sunshine all over us. >> it really is going to be nice. we need these showers coming through. light, pesky. nothing heavier at this point. we are noticing changing weather conditions across the bay area to greet you for your wednesday commute. san bruno, dark clouds are settling in. still right on time out of sfo, no flight delays. temperatures mostly in the 50s. i enjoy being with you just to put that out in the universe. temperatures looking good light showers. it is the south bay. everywhere else across the bay area, nice and dry. by about noon today, afternoon clearing, really comfortable conditions later on. temperatures in the 70s. we are going to start to warm you up a touch.
6:48 am
bright sunshine returns. get into your thursday, mid-70s to -- mid-60s to mid-70s for tomorrow. not a lot of spread as micro climates are not making a huge appearance as we get into the next couple of days. for your friday, warming trend kicks in. you can still hit the beach comfortably. i want to help you get over that hump so you can enjoy a 8 today, 70 in san jose, 73, los gatos. 68 degrees in santa cruz. we could see a few light showers this morning as well. thursday into friday, look at those numbers, being beautiful around here. very comfortable. by saturday into sunday, warming you up to really nice levels, right around 70 on sunday at the beach. 76 around the bay and 80. not too warm in your inland cities. let's check on the drive.
6:49 am
101 is just jammed up as you are approaching capital expressway all the way up to allen rock and mckee. moef of the activity is cleared. we still have one lane that's affected. we see how bad the traffic flow is. this is at 680. interchange. once you are north of alum rock, you are okay as far as the traffic flow. down through pleasanton and sunol, we see the speeds. that's been the case pretty much all no problems through dublin and pleasanton. the maze itself looks pretty nice. the approach to the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. extra slowing as your heading westbound through richmond approaching central avenue.
6:50 am
a little different traffic flow. stay clear of central avenue and all the activity. a live look past oakland coliseum. northbound, picks up the volume. the southbound side as to a slowdown as you are passing 238 down towards the san mateo bridge. across the bay, just fine. we'll check 101 on the north bay where this build in the volume has really seen some slowdowns south 101 toward 37. san francisco general hospital expected to give an update later on this morning about a body found inside one of the stairwells. they fear this could belong to a woman last seen at the hospital weeks ago. christie smith has the latest.
6:51 am
good morning. >> reporter: there are so many bizarre questions. how long has this body been here, could this be lynn spaulding, a patient that was last seen here at san francisco general hospital on september 21st. family and friends have posted fliers and posters all over san francisco on the days she has been missing. she was admitted on september 19th to be treated for an infection. yesterday, a very grim discovery. a worker here at sf general found a woman's body on a fourth floor stairwell that isn't used very much. the body has not been identified. that begs the question, could this be lynn spaulding? >> i can't imagine many things more horrible for her friends and family to consider than her
6:52 am
body being there abandoned for 19 days. >> there are a number of posts on the facebook page dedicated to finding lynn spaulding where friends are down right angry,6z wondering how in the world something like this could even happen. friends and family say there is no confirmation of the body. they are awaiting official word from the san francisco medical examiner's office. this raises the question of exactly what kind of search the hospital did in the first place to try and find her when she was first reported missing. we are hoping to hear from the hospital spokesperson a little bit later this morning. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:52. the man dubbed the online drug lord is iexpected in court. they say he is the mastermind for silk rose, which sold heroin, lsd and marijuana.
6:53 am
it has since been shut down. he is facing charges of narcotics. he said he had nothing to do with the website. the man arrested after pipe bombs were found inside his home. after more than a day of searching the home, the fbi, petaluma police and sun know ma county sheriff's deputies finally cleared the scene. they say a gun along with materials to make more bombs were also found inside the home. the 30-year-old gave himself up and was taken into custody. police say several other people were inside that house. right now, they were not suspects. police arrested a man who lived there for molesting two young children. sunnyvale police arrested jose
6:54 am
vandrea. neighbors tell nbc bay area that velandrea is the father of the daycare's owner. anyone that may have information regarding the case should come forward. according to the social service, the daycare is in good standing with only one complaint relating to an aggressive dog. now, to an nbc bay area follow-up. nearly 1 million californian's have visited covered california. one of those who visited the website in this first week, more than 16,000 applications were completed. another 27 applications were started about you not finished. that may have been due to computer glitches that are still being worked out.
6:55 am
. >> at 6:54, new this morning, a stanford university professor has just gotten word, winning the nobel prize in chemistry. he is credited for laying the foundation for the computer models used to understand and predict chemical processes. professor leaf vet was not in sweden when this morning's announcement was made. he was actually sleeping at his apartment when he tells us the phone would just not stop ringing. >> i was sleeping. it was 2:11, i think. i saw the first call was a wrong number. nobody ever calls me. i don't ever answer the phone. no one calls me. i get text messages and e-mails. no phone calls. they called again. i managed to answer it. it was lear it was from sweden. >> good thing he answered the phone. he went on to say, he never studied chemistry. he is a physicist but says,
6:56 am
quote, that's okay. speaking of that, this is the second nobel prize for a]. stanford press sore this week. thomas studhauf just won the nobel peace prize. >> congratulations. 6:36 right now. speaking of colleges, the president will announce at noon today that he is nominated janet yellen as the next head of the fed. >> that would arguably make her the most powerful woman in the world. >> the first time in fed history a woman would run the central bank. she will still have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. she is expected to continue many of the policies set down by her predecessor, ben bernanke. wall street likes quantitative easing or easy money. we are still waiting for progress on the debt ceiling. the u.s. treasury says, the american government, the most
6:57 am
powerful government in history, will run out of money in 184 hours. who is not going to get their money? we don't pay that on principal. who is not going to get their interest payment? china, certainly the biggest lender with 1.2 trillion. japan is a close second. china has too much money to begin with. japan could use the money. you can see how this has a worldwide effect. spain is already down there. $21 billion with a "b" in treasury securities. we constantly worry about spain's economy. spain can't afford to be lending out to debt beats, after auchlt we have been worried about spanish banks. we ask them, who are these people you are lending to? >> it is us. we norare not paying attention. 6:37. let's get a final check on the
6:58 am
we th weather. a good-looking day shaping up. showers rolling into parts of the bay area. mostly in the 50s right now. the showers coming through the south bay. those clouds definitely thickening up everywhere. keep that in mind this morning. kind of a gray start. a nice, sunny finish to the day. 74, inland, bayside, 69. at the coast, 65. if you missed your seven-day outlook, don't roer aboworry ab. not 87, not 85. it is 101, which is jammed all the way up to allen rock with that cash. that's on the shoulder. as you are crossing the bay, the san mateo bridge is looking much slower. meanwhile, we will look at another brindge, the bay bridge. it has just cleared interest lanes. would that cause more of a backup on the berkeley curve?
6:59 am
>> we are going to head back to you for the latest on that. >> thank you very much. we do have a live look at that scene where the chp says it will be another half hour before they reopen an interstate 80 off ramp. officers were trying to pull over a driver when he went off the freeway and rolled over on to the central avenue off ramp. the driver died in that crash. >> continuing the day's top stories, the medical examiner says it will take some time to identify the remains of a body found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. the family of 57-year-old lynn spaulding fearing it could be her body. she was last seen back on september 21st. >> both sides expected to get back to the bargaining table this morning as we are just two days away from another possible b.a.r.t. strike. the 60-day cooling off period issued by government brown ends at midnight on friday. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local
7:00 am
knew update. we'll see you every half hour. until then, enjoy these beautif beautiful sights. see you tomorrow. good morning. shame, as the bodies of fallen soldiers return to the u.s., this morning members of congress get set to reverse course and allow death benefits for families. will this force real action on the government shutdown? breaking overnight, under arrest. an undercover new york city police detective facing charges on his alleged role in the violent attack on a family. of the suv driver. and the kennedy album. the men and women at the center of the most famous political family today.


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